Факультет ветеринарной медицины и биотехнологии КНАУ им. К.И.Скрябина

Department of Internal Diseases of Animals, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology




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1. Mission and history of the department

The mission of the department – is the training of highly qualified personnel in the specialty 610001 – «Veterinary».

  With the establishment of the Veterinary Institute in 1933, in 1935 one of the departments of non-contagious pathology and animal therapy was organized.

    The first head of the department was associate professor (docent) Ivan Konstantinovich Erkovich. He worked in this position until 1937. From 1937 to 1945, the department was headed by associate professor (docent) Vasily Fedorovich Paviov, a student of the greatest therapist A.R. Efgrafov, from 1945 to 1947 acted as head of the department military veterinarian, lieutenant colonel A.Ya. Yakhnitsky. After the Great Patriotic War, from 1947 to 1955 an Academician of the AN Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, laureate of the USSR State Prizes Anna Alexandrovna Volkova, headed the department.

   Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Associate Professor (docent) Aleksey Alekseevich Kapralov, a student of the Kazan school of a major veterinary clinician, Professor G.V Domrachev, headed the department of Clinical Diagnostics from 1937 to 1951. In 1951, the department of clinical diagnostics was merged with the department of non-contagious pathology and therapy. From 1955 to 1976, associate professor, candidate of veterinary sciences Georgy Matveyevich Baev, headed the department of therapy and clinical diagnostics.    

   In 1976, he was elected by competition as the head of the joint department of therapy, clinical diagnostics of pathophysiology, a well-known pottomorphologist, honored veterinarian of the Kyrgyz Republic, doctor of veterinary sciences professor Ivan Seliverstovich Egoshin. A graduate of the Leningrad school of pathologists, a student of the famous pathologist, Professor P.I. Kokurichev. More than 10 Ph.D. dissertations have been defended under his scientific supervision. ( Yu.K. Shegrin, T.A. Peregudov, K.I. Isakov, E.V. Vidomsky, A.V. Buynov, D.R. Raimbekov, S.D. Tulegenov, M.D. Nogoibaev, A.Z. Tulobaev, M.K. Musakunov, and otherc).

   The department of pharmacology was organized in 1936 by associate professor and then professor Georgy Stratonovich Nazarov, a student of the founder of soviet veterinary pharmacology and toxicology, Professor Nikolai Aleksandrovich Soshestvensky.

   After the leaving G.S. Nazarov for nine years from 1938 to 1947 was in charge of the department, associate professor Evgeny Karlovich Ekman. Then, from 1947 to 1953, associate professor, later professor Mikhail Nikiforovich Milovanov, headed the united department of pharmacology, pathophysiology and biochemistry. He is a student of the Kazan pharmacologist, Professor P.I Popov.

  From 1953 to 1974, the department of pharmacology, pathophysiology and biochemistry was headed by the honorary academician of the national academy of sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. Honored worker of science Kyrgyz Republic, doctor of veterinary sciences, Professor Abdulkhay Aldashevich Aldashev. He is a student of a prominent soviet veterinary pharmacologist, academician of the All-Union Academy of Agricultural Sciences named after Lenin, Professor Ivan Efimovich  Mozgov. Under the guidance of Professor A.A. Aldashev defended candidate dissertations A.O. Osmonov, M.P. Tribunsky, M. Arzybaev.

  Professor Petr Alexandrovich Karasev in 1935, graduate of the Alma-Ata Zooveterinry Institute, organized the department of Pathophysiology. Then associate Professor Sergey Petrovich Podsosov, a student of a major Leningrad pathophysiologic N.I. Shohor, headed this department. After the war, for several years Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor P.M Buzutov, headed the department. After strengthening the department with pharmacology, the course of pathophysiology was read by professors M.N. Milovanov and A.A. Aldashev.

   In 1975 the department of pharmacology pathophysiology and biochemistry was abolished. The pharmacology course was transferred to the department of obstetrics, pathological physiology to the department of therapy, and animal biochemistry to the department of anatomy.

  In 1985 the department of pharmacology, pathophysiology and biochemistry was restored and the head of the department was elected by competition, associate professor Anvar Osmonovich Osmonov. In the same composition, the department existed until 1988 and in the same year it was merged with the department of therapy and clinical diagnostics. Associate professor, then doctor of veterinary sciences, Professor A.O Osmonov was re-elected head of the department.

In 1993 the department  was renamed as the department of internal diseases of animals, the head of department was elected doctor of veterinary sciences, professor, academician of the RAVN and MAVN Mukanbet Daiyrovich Nogoibaiev, who is the head of department to the present. He is student of the famous pathomorphologist, Professor I.S Egoshin and a major clinician-therapist, author of a textbook for universities, «Internal non-communicable diseases of agricultural animals» doctor of veterinary sciences, Honored worker science of Russia, Professor Boris Mikhailovich Anokhin.

Faculties and specialties

  • Organization of pharmacy business;
  • Standardization and certification of veterinary medicinal products;
  • Phytotherapy;
  • Clinical pharmacology;
  • Traditional medicine;
  • Laboratory of diagnostics of internal diseases of animals.

Under the guidance of Professor M.D. Nogoibaev in the last 36 years, the staff of the department has been working on the implementation of the following scientific problems:

  • “Development of new methods for diagnostic and therapeutic and preventive measures in case of metabolic pathology in animals” (1980-1995);
  • “Study of the immunological status in newborn animals with internal pathology” (1996-2004);
  • “Correction of metabolic pathology in young cattle in the conditions of Kyrgyzstan” (2005-2008);
  • “Development of evidence-based measures to prevent biogeocenotic pathology in animals in Kyrgyzstan” (2009-2018).

Within these scientific problems, more than 14 different sub-themes were studied. Published 6 scientific monographs, 250 scientific articles, including 4 articles abroad (USA, India, Turkey).

Under the scientific guidance of Professor M.D. Nogoibaev, K.K. Tokoev and M.S. Mederbekov defended their Candidate Dissertation,  A.A. Bekmatova, U.Zh. Sarygulov, E.A. Nichepurenko prepared their Candidate Dissertations for the defense. PhD students M.T. Konushbaeva, A.E. Omurbaeva, G.T. Imanakunova, Zh.S. Sagyndykov are working on their Candidate Dissertations.

For the period from 1935 to 2022, the staff of the department wrote and published more than 3600 scientific works, including 15 scientific monographs, 8 textbooks for higher educational institutions, received more than 20 copyright certificates for inventions.

The staff of the department developed and introduced into production new effective medical preparations “Ketgib”, “Ketgib-1” and “Ketgib-2” from adoptogenic therapeutic agents using local resources, various diagnostics, such as “REDK”, as well as effective methods and treatment regimens for various internal pathologies of animals. For this, we received several patents and copyright certificates of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The department has a close connection with the production on the basis of contracts and agreements for the conduct of laboratory and practical classes and scientific research. Such farms include the Peasant Farm “Chabrets”, the Peasant Farm “Vetka”, the Peasant Farm “Bulls kg”, LLC “MISS SUT”, the KNAU educational farm, many veterinary pharmacies and veterinary clinics in Bishkek, in addition, closely cooperates with the Center for the registration and certification of veterinary medicinal products, feed and feed additives.

The staff of the department took part in the international project “Creation of private veterinary services in Kyrgyzstan” funded by the World Bank and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), and are also the executors of the LMDP 1 and 2 projects funded by the World Bank.

The composition of the department

Tokoev K.K.

Head of Department of «Internal Animal Diseases»

Candidate of Veterinary Sciences Associate Professor.

Service/house tel. mob; (0772)430565 (0700)430565

e-mail: Kamill1965@mail.ru


Nogoibaev Mukambet Daiyrovich

Academician of the international and Russian Academy of Veterinary Doctor of Veterinary Sciences, Professor El. Tel. 54-97-78 mob. 0551 02-38-84
E-mail: mnogoibaev@mail.ru

Altymysheva Tursun Nazarovna

Senior lecturer, excellent student «Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic»

Konushbaeva Munara Toktobekovna

Senior teacher 0703 08-20-60
E-mail: munara1207@mail.ru

Sagyndykov Zhakshylyk Sagyndykovich

Senior teacher, vet. Radiologist. 0708 72-38-51. 0555 72-38-51
E-mail: z-sagyndykov@mail.ru

Dubanbek kyzy Saltanat

Assistant 0552 10-27-30
E-mail: dsaltanat30@gmail.com

Kulukeev Kylymbek Akylbekovich

0701 28-78-77

Sulaimankulova Anarkul Zhumakadyrova

Laboratory assistant
0700 34-52-34, 0773 34-52-34