Факультет ветеринарной медицины и биотехнологии КНАУ им. К.И.Скрябина

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

"Human health through the health and productivity of animals"

Mission of the Faculty

The mission of the faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology is associated with the realization of its main goal – to prepare a specialist in the field of veterinary medicine and biotechnology. Who, is able to constantly self-develop, improve, learn new knowledge and be able to apply the acquired knowledge in their professional activities. This quality activity is aimed at obtaining quality higher education by graduates, which should include the key provisions of the Quality Policy:

– introduction into the educational process of effective traditional modern means, teaching methods and innovative technologies;

– formation of the research center focused on innovation activities, where the data obtained fundamental and applied science should be introduced in the educational process;

– there should be continuous communication with employers of graduates and study their problems and needs;

– continuous professional development of teachers and service personnel, the formation of a competitive veterinary specialist in demand in the veterinary community and the global scientific and educational space;

– improvement and enhancement of teaching, scientific, material and methodological base;

– cooperation with leading domestic and foreign educational and research centers.

About the Faculty

The faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology was organized on the basis of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which was founded in 1933 and stood at the origins of veterinary education and science in Kyrgyzstan. The faculty is the main teaching and research, educational institution for training and retraining of qualified veterinary specialists and biotechnology.

The faculty includes 6 departments: obstetrics and surgery, anatomy and physiology, internal diseases of animals, infectious and parasitic diseases, veterinary and sanitary expertise, histology and pathology, biotechnology and chemistry. The faculty has an electronic library, a veterinary clinic and a pharmacy.

Currently, the dean of the faculty is candidate of veterinary sciences, acting professor Y.T. Begaliev. In previous years, the deans of the faculty worked Professors V.V. Alexandrovsky, H.Sh. Almeyev, A.Y., Pankratov, S.P. Anastasyan, M.N. Milovanov, V.M. Mitrofanov, A.P. Kamarli, M.I. Jorobekov, A.Z. Tulobaev, R.Z. Nurgaziev, B.K. Aknazarov, associate professors H.J. Jailov, K.S. Chotkaraev.

The main priority of the faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology is to reform and modernize the system of veterinary education in Kyrgyzstan as part of the implementation of the National Development Strategy of the country until 2040. Over the past 5-6 years, The faculty of veterinary medicine and biotechnology has entered a new stage of its development. Thanks to active work with international projects and the support of our state, major repair works of the Faculty building were carried out (roofs of all buildings were covered, lecture halls, classrooms, research laboratories were renovated and their heating and water supply systems were restored). New teaching and research equipment was obtained within the framework of LMDP -1,2 projects under the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The faculty laboratories are equipped with the most modern devices, diagnostic equipment (PCR-diagnostics, ultrasound, X-ray equipment, biochemical, hematological analyzers, etc.), organized computer classes with Internet and electronic library, classrooms are equipped with audio and video equipment. More than 100 students, recruited from remote areas of the republic, where there is a shortage of veterinarians, were trained through these projects. Much work has been done to improve veterinary education and training of veterinarians. A new educational standard and curriculum for the specialty “Veterinary” was developed in accordance with the requirements of international standards of the OIE. “Veterinary” specialty has undergone independent accreditation. In recent years, the rating of the veterinary specialty and the veterinary faculty of KNAU has risen considerably. A unique “museum of nomadic culture” was built at the faculty with the support of the Christensen Foundation (USA).